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Addiction treatment and recovery (illegal drugs, nicotine, video games, gambling)
Aeronautics and Aerospace
Anglo-Saxon literature (King Arthur legend cycles)
Applications for carbon-fiber reinforced polymers
Architectural practice (standard of care)
Assessment of adolescent risk behavior and behavioral prevention strategies
Assessment of student learning
Automotive active safety systems
Automotive industry and technology
Automotive onboard data communications
AWD system design
Bridge and highway construction
Building codes and regulations
Business in Taiwan and China
Business strategy and planning
College and university campus planning
Community revitalization
Computer networking
Construction methodologies
Conventional and autonomous vehicle dynamics optimization and control
Cross-cultural interaction (international students in university settings, literacy and health, clinicians and patients)
Design review
Detroit architecture
Detroit-area Middle Eastern and Jewish populations 
Digital Asset Management
Digital electronics 1
Digital electronics 2
Distance learning
Domestic architecture
Energy and architecture
Energy (including heat flow) and Energy Management
Engineering mechanics
Ethics & Integrity
Experimental psychology including ethics and statistics
Facility management
Fluid flow applications
Frank Lloyd Wright
Globalization (factors, trends, impacts)
Higher Education Accreditation
History and theory of architecture
Illiteracy among native-born and emigré adults
Information Technology / Information Systems
Injury mechanisms
Innovation Management
Innovation materials for constructionInstructional technology
International education
International students (Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, India)
Issues in university classrooms (i.e., psychology of non-traditional students)
K-12 summer engineering programs
Lawrence Technological University heritage and history, 1932-present
Leadership (global challenges, requirements)
Learning /math anxiety among returning adult enrollees
Low-impact development (“green site development”)
Mechanical property management
Mechatronic systems for traction and stability control; limited slip and other differentials
Myers, Elijah E. (1832-1909), architect, Michigan State Capitol and many other 19th century public buildings
New Orleans
New Urbanism
Noise and vibration measurements
Online / Distance Learning
Power generation (traditional and emerging/alternative)
Psychopharmacology and drug effects in humans and animals
Public facilitation/community processes
Public policies
Quality control
Service learning in architecture and urban design
Solar Decathlon
Stormwater management
Sustainability in design
Sustainable architecture
Sustainable urban design
Teaching at the university level
Tissue engineering
Traumatic brain injury and developmental disabilities including autism
Twentieth Century architecture
Urban design
Urban planning/economic development
Urban Stream restoration
Vibration and analysis for soil-structure interaction under rotating and impact loads
Virtual Work
Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math)

Associate professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, College of Engineering


  • Circuits
  • Computer networking
  • Digital electronics
  • Quality control
  • Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math)

Ph.D., Computer engineering, Wayne State University, 1991

Anneberg teaches circuits, digital electronics, computer networking and lighting.
Recent publications include “Robotics Contests and Computer Science and Engineering Education,” Frontiers In Education, 2003, with CJ Chung.
Contact:; (248) 204-2539

Associate Vice President for
Marketing and Public Affairs


  • Lawrence Technological University heritage and history, 1932-present
  • Myers, Elijah E. (1832-1909), architect, Michigan State Capitol and many other 19th century public buildings

M.A., public relations and advertising, Michigan State University.

Annett is the author of “Asylum: Pontiac’s Grand Monument From the Gilded Age,” 2002. He is working on “The Future in the Making: Lawrence Technological University at 75.” He has been a director of the Oakland County Historical Society for 30 years and has given many presentations on preserving local history.

Contact:; (248) 204-2206

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering Department
Director, Center for Teaching and Learning


  • Assessment of student learning
  • Ethics & Integrity
  • Low-impact development (“green site development”)
  • Stormwater management
  • Urban Stream restoration

Ph.D., civil engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2001

Carpenter teaches hydraulic engineering, hydrology, river engineering and restoration, urban hydraulics, and ethics. He is co-leader of the Exploring Ethical Decision-Making in Engineering (E3) research team (, which has established itself as an authority in engineering ethics and academic integrity.  He is faculty advisor for the Lawrence Tech student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineering Students. He has written about urban stream restoration.

Contact:; (248) 204-2549

College of Management


  • Leadership
  • Leadership Development
  • Global Leadership
  • Reflective Leadership
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Organization Development and Change
  • Motivational Studies and Theories
  • Managing Global Teams
  • Human Resources Management
  • Entrepreneurship

Ph.D.,Instructional Technology, Wayne State University, 1994
M.B.A., Lawrence Technological University, 1992
B.A., General Studies, Roosevelt University, 1987

Castelli’s research is extensive in the area of leadership. She provides empirical evidence that leaders utilize to maximize their performance and the performance of their followers. She has developed several original research instruments that have been validated and proved reliable for use in organizational leadership worldwide. 

As a management consultant for more than 30 years, she has trained over 30,000 people in a variety of organizational settings. Working with Fortune 500 companies and corporate clients, Castelli provides executive and leadership training programs to develop the skills and competencies of leaders and managers.

Her client list includes: General Motors Corporation, Renaissance Center Corporate Headquarters, GM Powertrain Group, GM Truck Group, GM Mid-Lux, GM Information Systems & Services, UAW-GM Work Family Group, GM Facilities Management Group, and GM Vehicle Sales Service and Marketing; IBM Corporate Headquarters; The United States Army, Department of Defense, TACOM Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC), Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), Defense Acquisition University (DAU), and The Family Advocacy and Employee Assistance Programs, Detroit Arsenal; Whirlpool International Corporate Headquarters, Amway International Corporation, The American Medical Association, Sara Lee Corporation, 1.800.FLOWERS.COM, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

Higher Education clients include Seton Hill University, Bridgewater State College, and Atlanta Technical College.

Contact:; 248.204.3066

Director, English as a Second Language (ESL)
Humanities, Social Sciences, and Communication Department


  • Anglo-Saxon literature (King Arthur legend cycles)
  • International education
  • International students (Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, India)

M.A., Literature, Oakland University, 1993

Charbeneau is a Lawrence Tech graduate whose father graduated from LIT in 1956. She advises the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.

Contact:; (248) 204-3517

Assistant Professor
Department of Management and Marketing
College of Management
Chair of the Institutional Review Board


  • Addiction treatment and recovery (illegal drugs, nicotine, video games, gambling)
  • Assessment of adolescent risk behavior and behavioral prevention strategies
  • Experimental psychology including ethics, biostatistics and research methods
  • Psychopharmacology and drug effects in humans and animals
  • Traumatic brain injury and developmental disabilities including autism
  • Teamwork and strength-based approach to strategic thinking using the SOAR framework (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results) 

Ph.D., Cognitive and social psychology across the lifespan, Wayne State University, 2008
M.A., biopsychology, Wayne State University, 2002
M.S., clinical behavioral psychology, Eastern Michigan University, 1999

Cole teaches several management and psychology courses at Lawrence Tech, focusing on biostatistics, research methods, and psychopharmacology. He remains involved with multiple research projects at Children’s Hospital of Michigan’s Pediatric Prevention Center including investigations of the Focus on Kids HIV/STD prevention program for high-risk youth in the United States, the Bahamas, and Vietnam. His research on adolescent risk behaviors and risk-reduction strategies has been published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, and Preventive Medicine. He is also involved in research on pediatric obesity, teamwork and strategic thinking using the SOAR framework.

Contact:; (248) 204-3096

Assistant professor, mechanical engineering


  • Aeronautics and Aerospace
  • Energy (including heat flow) and Energy Management
  • Fluid flow applications
  • K-12 summer engineering programs
  • Power generation (traditional and emerging/alternative)

Ph.D., mechanical engineering, University of New Mexico

Gerhart teaches courses on thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, thermal-fluid sciences, energy management, and advanced topics in fluid flow (e.g., turbulence, viscous flow, aerodynamics). He studied fluid dynamics for four years at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM. He has experience developing engineering curriculum and has run summer programs for middle school and high school students.

Contact:; (248) 204-2574

Dean of the College of Engineering
University Distinguished Professor
Director, Center for Innovative Materials Research (CIMR)


  • Applications for carbon-fiber reinforced polymers
  • Bridge and highway construction
  • Innovation materials for construction
  • Noise and vibration measurements
  • Vibration and analysis for soil-structure interaction under rotating and impact loads

Ph.D., civil engineering, University of Windsor, 1986

Grace teaches courses on concrete, steel and composite design; structural analysis; testing; and the mechanics of materials. He has won more than 20 research grants and contracts totaling more than $19 million. He has a patent for hybrid ductile fabric and patents pending for composite armor structure for military tanks and an innovative corrosion-free bridge system. He is a professional engineer who worked in the private sector before coming to Lawrence Tech in 1988.

Contact:; (248) 204-2556

Associate Professor
College of Architecture & Design


  • Detroit architecture
  • Domestic architecture
  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Twentieth Century architecture

Ph.D., University of Virginia, Architectural History.

Gyure teaches courses in architectural history and theory, including courses specifically on Detroit, 20th Century architecture and domestic architecture.

Contact:; (248) 204-2925

College professor of management and engineering


  • Automotive industry and technology
  • Business in Taiwan and China

Ph.D.,  solid mechanics, Brown University, 1972

Hsu teaches graduate-level courses on strategic management and technology development. Previously he was executive director of GM Global Technology Management, the GM R&D Center and the GM Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center.

Contact:; (248) 204-3096

Associate professor, College of Architecture and Design
Director, Detroit Studio Community Outreach Program


  • Community revitalization
  • Design review
  • New Urbanism
  • Service learning in architecture and urban design
  • Sustainable urban design

Ph.D., environment and behavior, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2001.
Joint MSArch-MCP degrees in architecture and urban planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1987

Kim, a registered architect, teaches urban design, community design, environmental psychology, architectural design and research methods in architecture. He leads the Detroit Studio, an off-campus studio facility located in the New Center area of  Detroit, which provides students with an enriched educational experience through community-based architectural, urban design and community development projects. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects and the American Institute of Certified Planners.

Contact:; (248) 204-2928

Dean, College of Architecture and Design


  • College and university campus planning
  • New Orleans
  • Public facilitation/community processes
  • Urban design
  • Urban planning/economic development

Master of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, 1976
Master of City Planning, University of Pennsylvania, 1976
Master of Architecture, Tulane University, 2004

LeRoy teaches architecture and urban design. He was a founding principal of Gould Evans Associates, an urban planning and design group in Kansas City, from 1990 to 2006. He is a fellow of both the American Institute of Architects and the American Institute of Certified Planners

Contact:; (248) 204-2805

Associate professor, mathematics and computer science


  • Distance learning
  • Instructional technology
  • Teaching at the university level

Ph.D., instructional technology, Wayne State University, 2001
M.A., mathematics, Eastern Michigan University, 1974

Lowry teaches courses on distance learning through technology, applied instructional technology, computers in education, multimedia development, calculus and mathematics. She has assisted on the AT&T grant for the Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation girls summer camp at Lawrence Tech. She was the co-designer of a self-paced technical calculus book for Focus:HOPE and Lawrence Tech.

Contact:; (248) 204-3653

Professor, College of Management
Director, Doctor of Business Administration Program
Co-executive director, Center for the Study of Global Leadership and Understanding


  • Business strategy and planning
  • Economics
  • Globalization (factors, trends, impacts)
  • Leadership (global challenges, requirements)
  • Public policies 

Ph.D., economics, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Marx teaches courses on globalization and the new economy, leadership and management, strategic planning, economics and institutions. He worked for General Motors for 28 years in economics, government relations, corporate strategic planning and public policy. He has written a book and more than 70 articles in refereed journals and delivered more than 100 presentations to business, government and social organizations.

Contact:; (248) 204-3081

College Professor of Management


  • Digital Asset Management
  • Information Technology / Information Systems
  • Innovative Management
  • Online /Distance Learning
  • Outsourcing
  • Virtual Work
  • Higher Education accreditation
  • Plagiarism

Ph.D. and M.Ed., instructional technology, Wayne State University

McCord teaches courses on management information systems, innovation management, and virtual work environments. He has done research in video archiving and digital asset management. He has researched and written about online learning, plagiarism, virtual work technologies, information systems governance, and information systems outsourcing.

Contact:, (248) 204-3065

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Director, Experimental Biomechanics Laboratory


  • Biomechanics
  • Engineering mechanics
  • Injury mechanisms
  • Mechanical property measurement
  • Tissue engineering

PhD, mechanical engineering (biomechanics), Michigan State University. Post-doctoral training at the Centre for Bioengineering at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

Meyer teaches Introduction to Biomechanics and Tissue Mechanics. He established the Experimental Biomechanics Laboratory to provide practical training to students and advance knowledge in the field through translational research. He has published 26 peer-reviewed journal articles and has done research on lower extremity biomechanics during sports injury, cartilage tissue engineering, and mechanobiology.

Contact:, (248) 204-2606

Associate professor of architecture
Chair, Architecture Department


  • Sustainable architecture

Master’s degree in architecture, University of Michigan, 1991

Orlowski teaches architectural design and sustainable architecture. He is a LEED-accredited professional

Contact:; 248-204-2850

Assistant professor
College of Architecture and Design


  • Design
  • History and theory of architecture
  • Solar Decathlon
  • Sustainability

Master of Architecture, University of British Columbia,

Plowright teaches architectural design studios, architectural theory and current issues in architecture. He is the faculty lead for Team ALOeTERRA, Lawrence Tech’s entry in the 2007 Solar Decathlon competition.

Contact:;  (248) 204-2870

Adjunct instructor, College of Architecture and Design
Architect/President, Tiseo Architects, Inc., Livonia


  • Architectural practice (standard of care)
  • Building codes and regulations
  • Construction

B.S., architecture, Lawrence Technological University, 1978

Tiseo teaches courses on building systems, and building codes and regulations. He has been an adjunct instructor at Lawrence Tech since 1980. He has been qualified by the courts as an expert in the practice of architecture and construction. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects.

Contact:, (248) 888-1300

Associate dean, College of Architecture and Design


  • Construction methodologies
  • Energy and architecture
  • Facility management
  • Sustainability in design

B.S., architecture, Lawrence Technological University, 1976

Veryser teaches construction management and strategic planning for relocation management. His experience in the private sector includes 10 years in architecture office practice, 25 years as a corporate architect in the telecommunications industry and five years of owner representation in program management with a major architecture/engineering firm. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects.

Contact:; (248) 204-2818