Release Date: June 20, 2017

LTU provides computer coding workshop at Sampson Webber Leadership Academy

Sampson Coding 2

Detroit – Lawrence Technological University hosted a computer coding workshop focused on the C computer programming language for middle school parents at Detroit’s Sampson Webber Leadership Academy. The event was hosted in partnership with LTU’s Marburger STEM Center and led by Dr. Sibrina Collins, executive director of The Marburger STEM Center. 

The primary focus of this one hour computer coding workshop was to expose and engage parents in technology related fields. The workshop was provided free, with additional resources provided for the parents to continue learning to code on their own.

To introduce the workshop, Collins talked about the importance of coding and the movie, Hidden Figures. “The movie is about three African American women working as NASA ‘computers’ that provided significant contributions during the space race,” said Dr.Sibrina Collins, executive director of the Marburger STEM Center.  “If you enjoy those apps on your cellphone such as Facebook and Twitter, those are applications of computer coding.”

Collins then led the parents through the workshop, teaching them how to write computer code to create and successfully run a program using the C programming language. The parents cheered when she announced, “You have now just written your very first program!"

To conclude the workshop, Collins provided information about LTU’s Blue Devil Scholars Program (BDSP), including middle school summer camps, applying for the program, and scholarship opportunities. After the workshop, Sampson Webber Leadership Academy parents were excited about their accomplishments and asked Collins when she would be back for the next workshop.

The parents want more opportunities to learn to code and provided positive feedback on the workshop. When asked what did they enjoy most about the session, one parent stated, “It was informative! The workshop was easy to follow and learning to code was fun! I would be interested in learning more coding!

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