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Lawrence Technological University is distinguished for its integration of leadership principles into the curriculum and the development of the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and global thinkers, starting with students in their first year. The Office of Leadership Programs oversees all academic and extra-curricular programs that are dedicated to leadership education and development, and community service and involvement. Lawrence Tech is the first university of its kind to commit to leadership education for all of its undergraduates. We work to ensure all students develop their leadership skills with an emphasis on character, integrity, and professionalism.


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    How to make your Leadership Transcript! The Leadership Transcript is a supplement to your academic transcript and is recognized as an official University document. It’s a tool developed and monitored by Lawrence Tech's Leadership Program that helps you track your participation in leadership activities outside the classroom. more...

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    Become a Global Leader and Study Abroad! Lawrence Tech offers a wide variety of opportunities for students looking to study abroad for a full semester or participate in other international experiences that range from one week to an entire summer. more...