August 29, 2015
Edwards and Sobania honored as staff members of the month

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Dawn Edwards (L) and Diane Sobania have both been named Staff Member of the Month.

Dawn Edwards and Diane Sobania have been selected as the Staff Member of the Month for February and March, respectively, by the Staff Recognition Committee of the Lawrence Tech Staff Senate.

Edwards is a data specialist in the Office of Admissions where she has worked since 2002. She has assisted at the One StopCenter and has served on the Credit Review Committee.

She won this praise from a faculty member:

“Dawn is not one to put work aside when it needs to get done.  She has such a great customer service outlook and is always willing to help out a program director or a student.  She is so extremely reliable and dedicated that she has been promoted to the enrollment services coordinator helping the Director of Admissions manage the admissions inquiry database.”

Edwards was praised for her work with graduate students. Often she is the first LTU contact for new students, and she leaves an excellent first impression, according to a nominator: “She is extremely prompt and professional. She is knowledgeable and very much willing to put in the extra effort needed to help prospective candidates through the admission process.”

Sobania, who has worked at Lawrence Tech since 2001, is an undergraduate applications specialist in the Office of the Registrar and the DTE One Stop Center for Enrollment Services. One nomination for Sobania was glowing:

“Diane is the kindest, most helpful person I work with. She treats everyone who stops at the One Stop center as ‘top priority,’ and if there is a situation she can’t resolve, she is on the hunt to get the answer. She is always willing to assist even if she is not asked and has a dazzling smile for everyone, whether she knows you or not.”

Another person wrote:  “Diane is one person you can always rely on to be on time, give 100+ percent and is true to her word. She never fails to give you a bright smile and a good morning even if her morning hasn’t gone so well. It’s great to be around her.”




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