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To promote educational excellence and innovation at Lawrence Technological University.



The goal of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is to cultivate a community of teachers and scholars at Lawrence Technological University through faculty development and support. Initiative 5.1 in the 2004-2005 University Strategic Plan supports this goal.

Initiative 5.1 of Strategic Plan 2007 states that the University will: Incorporate the Educational Innovation Collaborative (EIC) into a Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) with a faculty director responsible to research, develop and implement professional development programs that promote excellence and innovation in the classroom.

In addition, The center will focus on effectively assisting faculty in incorporating innovative pedagogies and methodologies into the classroom by providing financial support, workshops, training, and encouragement. The Center will also support additional cross campus educational initiatives such as assessment, accreditation, leadership and entrepreneurship.



In support of the Goal, the Center objectives are to:

  • Establish an Advisory Board to oversee Center creation and development
  • Coordinate efforts with other on campus committees and centers including Assessment Committee, Leadership Task Force, Entrepreneurial Program, First Year Programs, and VITRC to support improved student learning
  • Engage faculty members intellectually and allow them to be active stakeholders in their profession
  • Conduct periodic needs assessment of faculty and administration to determine Center activities
  • Offer professional development opportunities by organizing best practices sessions and workshops on effective educational strategies, for example developing learning objectives, active learning techniques, etc.
  • Facilitate the creation of collective knowledge in effective teaching
  • Create a platform for the advancement of best practices and adoption of innovation
  • Engage faculty members in alternative learning methodologies to enhance teaching and learning
  • Provide service, support and advice on teaching for full-time adjunct faculty in need of improvement
  • Maintain a library of educational materials using various media
  • Support faculty proposal development in the areas of program assessment and evaluation
  • Provide support for faculty performing educational research
  • Work with Office of Advancement on academic and foundation grant proposals to provide funding for Center activities.