Master of Urban Design
/Department of Architecture

Master of Architecture + Master of Urban Design

The increasing diversification of places, populations, and migration flows has been changing urban environments locally, nationally, and internationally. Considering rapidly shifting demographics and cultural composition, urban growth, public health concerns, and sustainability challenges around the globe, more holistic and systematic studies on critical questions such as how these shifts impact city- and place-making are increasingly necessary and significant. Our college, given its longstanding educational, professional, and community services via architecture, community development, and urban design in Detroit and its larger region, is well positioned to educate students about how to respond to complex urban changes.

In particular, our Master of Architecture (MArch) and Master of Urban Design (MoUD) dual degree program provides architecture students with skills and tools necessary to address the abovementioned challenges. The MArch students only need to complete as little as 11 credit hours of courses in urban design instead of 34 (total credits required for MoUD students) to receive both MArch and MoUD degrees.



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